Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning App
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Powerful & versatile app at your fingertips

PlanMode is a comprehensive financial planning app for individuals. It provides you with a quick and easy way to prepare a financial profile and project it for lifetime. It can also transform the normal profile into a retirement scenario or adverse scenarios including death or disability of either spouse.

This app provides to with a powerful tool for what-if analysis with unlimited possibilities and options. Its design incorporates user feedback and wishlists for functionality and features from professional financial planners we have been serving for over three decades.

PlanMode is available for iPhone and iPad from Apple App Store and for Android devices from Google play as a free app.

Finely tuned planning concept over decades

PlanMode is a projected reality based software. It can help you determine your future needs before you analyze your options and alternative courses of actions.

This app can address your planning needs requiring simple analysis such as the bottom line difference between buying a car vs leasing it to more complex items requiring the determination of the extent of your needs for life insurance for your family or comparison of your retirement plan options and more.

PlanMode gives a touch of reality to the future projections by deploying a cash management feature. Once activated the automated cash management monitors your cashflow based on your defined needs for how much of idle cash is needed at all times. If years your income exceeds the expenses it reinvests a calculated amount based on your parameters so that you are left with close to your cash limits after taxes. Similarly, in the years your expenses exceed income, it starts to draw down on the invested cash to keep your balances as per your data entry.

Another helpful feature is the automated comparison feature. This feature can provide you with the bottom line impact of one or more financial transactions on any of your financial scenarios. The comparison showing a net gain or loss is produced after automatically rerunning the scenario for its income, cashflow and tax implications over the entire planning span.

key features that have been most asked for

  • Financial planning for singles & married spouses
  • Planning span of up to 100 years
  • Retirement profile and analysis
  • Disability profile and analysis
  • Survivor’s profile and analysis
  • Detailed annual cash flow analysis
  • Automatic cash management simulation
  • Built-in US income taxes
  • Definable national, state & local taxes
  • Completely self contained to insure confidentiality
  • Customized and printable financial statements
  • Side by side comparison of alternative scenarios for what-if analysis
  • A variety of information export options

User definable taxes, USA taxes built-in

  • US individual income tax computations are built-in and applied as applicable.

    Non US individuals can turn this function off and instead activate a generalized version that allows you to define how your income tax should be computed on a national and local tax levels. The latter function is also available for US individuals for defining for items to be used in approximating State and City income taxes. You can also deploy tax brackets for any of these taxes if needed.

Interactive Planning

PlanMode is designed to work interactively as you enter a new item of data or modify an existing one. Its consolidated result window gives you an overall perspective of the scenario being developed. This result window can be tailored to your specific needs for any year(s) of your planning horizon. Tax computations.

PlanMode Fits Your Needs

If you are a tax professional it will enhance your analytical ability and make tax planning more efficient. If you are an independent individual looking for an easy to use tool to analyze the tax impact of a transaction, need a quick year-end tax estimation, perform a pre-tax-return-filing analysis, or review the impact of any other tax related investment decision, TaxMode will help you make more informed decision by providing a better understanding of all the possible income tax implications. TaxMode also provides you with a number of premium features should you needs go beyond quick calculations and simple planning. You can start with expanding the detail of what type of income, itemized deductions, credits and payments that can be entered and analyzed. Next you can utilize the automated comparison option that can help you quickly review the impact on one or more changes in data in a specific case. And with one simple click you can do a comparison of a case’s data for one year vs. another year.

Analyze Scenarios

You can generate a number of financial scenarios based on the data you have entered up to that time. These scenarios include-

  • Retirement profile and analysis
  • Disability profile and analysis
  • Survivor’s profile and analysis

  • Compare Options

    PlanMode provides you a quick and easy way of determining the bottom line impact of a financial action or a transaction over the planning horizon of your choosing. It provides you with a static or a dynamic comparison mode. These modes can be activated or deactivated on the fly with one key touch.

    You can also compare the cashflow and/or net worth difference of including or excluding an item of income or expense this year versus the next year, a lease verus a buy decision, a rent of purchase of house decision etc etc. Give it a two-minute test to see how well it works.

    Dependable Support Team

    PlanMode is designed, developed and supported in USA by Sawhney System. At Sawhney we have been satisfying professional financial planners software and support needs for over three decades. For the record, we produced the first comprehensive and integrated financial and tax planning softaware that was made commercially available in 1976. We have a dedicated team of professionals dedicated to serving and satisfying the software needs of financial planners.